Sunday, December 6, 2009


Britney wanted to do something artsy the other night, so she pulled all of the paint supplies out of Cody's closet. We had lots of fun!

It didn't take Cody very long to quit painting and start experimenting.

Britney signing her work

Can you guess who painted the alien head?

The kids and I put the Christmas tree up while Bobby was at work. We left it undecorated until he worked off so he could put the lights and ornaments on with us. Before we decorated we got the construction paper out to make "THE LONGEST CHAIN EVER" I'm sure we succeeded.

Britney took this. I didn't see it until I uploaded all the pictures onto the computer. It is so funny! He looks like the Grinch stealing the light bulb right off the tree...and enjoying getting caught.

They're holding two different ornaments :)

I wish people understood how different the colder months are for Cody. Cody can get cold when it's 75 degrees outside. Imagine how it is for him when it's 40 degrees. If he gets too cold, he gets sick. He has gone from being completely fine to being admitted into the hospital needing an IV in 6 hours. When he gets sick, he loses weight, which he cannot afford to lose. Things have been so much better since we started homeschooling. We are all healthier, but we still have to take precautions. Cody always has gloves, jacket and blankets on hand in case he gets too cool in the house. Keeping Britney and Cody healthy is extremely important to us. If it's cold out or Cody doesn't feel good, we're not going out no matter how much we want to. We're not being rude or unsociable.

We went to Scottsboro on Friday to see if we could find some winter clothes for the kids at Unclaimed Baggage. We are SO happy we went! Britney got several long sleeved shirts and a really comfy pair of sweat pants. I got a pair of jeans and a book. Bobby came home empty handed. The big finds were all Cody's. We found a Old Navy snow bib, a Diesel coat and sweat pants. You guys just don't understand how awesome this is! It all fits him perfectly! It's the thickest, best fitting coat Cody's ever had.

I had to put this one in here. We were at the Scottsboro Walmart and Cody found this Mario Bros hat. Oh, my little thug.

The day after we got all these wonderfully thick, warm clothes...IT SNOWED!! Talk about perfect timing! We wish you could have been home with us to play in the snow Bobby!

My snow angels

Brit chasing Cody with a snowball

In your face Britney!

The snowman/ice sculpture. It's abstract art...squint and tilt your head to the side...

Then the art became a weapon

Logan playing fetch

and an unhappy Cassie walking in cold, wet stuff

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  1. goodness gracious, me o my!!! i miss you guys soooooooooooooo..... (many moons later).... much T_T!!!! we need to talk more often!! visit my blog pweese!!! have u seen New Moon?!?!?! IT IS AWESOME!!!!! sorry, im babbling. lol. love u all!!!!! this is tori by the way. ;)


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