Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OH, HAIL!!!!

Decatur was smacked around last night! That was the worst storm we've experienced in the 5 years living in this house. We had crazy strong winds, rain and hail. After the worst of it went through, there was lightening...and a lot of it. It was beautiful and far enough away we could safely go outside to watch. I got a couple good pictures, but was basically too slow.

We lost power until midnight, which was kind of fun. We used candles, lanterns and glow sticks and of course I couldn't miss an opportunity to snap some pictures.

We got out the ol' Fireside Book of Folk Songs and sang everything from "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" to the "Twelve Days of Christmas"...twice.
So all in all it wasn't a horrible experience. I was very thankful for the power at midnight. It had gotten SO HOT in the house. I'm an air condition junkie who needed a fix! This morning I went out front to assess the damage and Cassie was on the front porch. At some point during the storm, she dug out of the backyard to "run away" from the lightening. I'm just glad she didn't run off!

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  1. It WAS some more storm wasn't it! We were without power from around 7:15pm - 5:05am. That is the longest we have ever been without power. It got SO hot in the house but the kids did learn that they could sleep without their "nightlights"! (haha)


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